Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Today i want you to know that i´ve got a KAOS (Creative Artists with incredible creativity)
 From Anneli!
Those of you who wonder what a KAOS Award is:
KAOS Award was created by the talented Yoli
KAOS is the abbreviation of
(Creative Artists with incredible creativity)
A award that you send to someone you appreciate,
but instead of having it digitally, you create a real
 "Card" and sends them on.
Anyone who may in turn pass on self-made
KAOS-award to them they appreciate.
Award is said KAOS, regardless of who made ​​them.
And to these must be your own style, specialties include.
KAOS Award Includes:
Title - KAOS
Creator's own name
Size 10 x 15 cm
Then the Blogger of course, Photographs the award and
blogging about it too.
In this way, a digital memory, but also
something you can physically store and look at.
The blog also appoints the next three KAOS-winner.
Maybe write a little explanation why these latest awards,
or just leave the link to them.
Next time it might be you who will be nominated
by someone or by myself!
These are the people i want to give a KAOS to: 
Amazingly creative artist who is only 16!!
 The Super couloring women!
She´s the best (And kindest) women! :)
Please send me your adress so that i can send them to you :)

Have a nice day!



Annelie said...

Coolt att du ger en till Drew, hoppas han uppmärksammar din talang!!!

Dolores said...

Men åååh vad glad jag blir, tusen tusen tack rara du!!!
Stor kram / en superglad Dolores :)

Katarina said...

Jättefina kaos kort du gjort. Ha en bra helg. Kram Katarina

Norma said...

Oliver, so sweet of you. What a beautiful card. And this Tilda is one of my favorite ones. I love the distressed edges. I will treasure it always. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


Åsa/asamia said...

Å vilka fina kort du gör! Jag såg ju vilka fina saker du gjorde på träffen idag - jätteimponerad av din fina stil och alla fina detaljer....din LO med bästa vännen var hur fin som helst.
Nu har jag letat fram pennan du frågade efter, och det är en Copic som heter YR0000(Pale chiffon). Vet att jag köpte den hos Marikas Vänersborg, hon har bra priser på Copics. Annars hoppas ju jag på att du köper ett par polychrompennor och testar MCP-tekniken igen...det blev ju kanobra på träffen.Jag har en demo i min blogg, ifall du vill se en gång till.